Superwomen, entrepreneurs, speakers and experts who are ready to experience massive results, are über-serious about manifesting next-level success, and want to live in alignment and be spiritually connected so that you charge for the value you bring, access wealth, have peace of mind, and won’t accept anything less!!


A delicious retreat for super-successful superwomen ready to take their capes off and deep dive into a luxurious experience of wealth and manifesting, where you will get replenished and reconnected to your power.

Yes!! Its Time!

Your time and your season to leverage the universe, experience massive results, soul-stirring fulfillment, and peace of mind that replenishes your heart. In other words, it’s time to take your capes off and to be taken care of like you take care of your clients and others!!

Replenish. Rejuvenate. Reflect. Reconnect… with spirit, to your power and sacred gifts all in one luxurious retreat you will have to experience to believe!!

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"Replenish" Access

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"Replenish" Access—
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Are You?

  • Looking good on the outside?
  • Dressed to the nines from head to toe, making money, making a difference, working hard, but still not seeing the results you long for?
  • Depending on your “skills” to produce the results you want rather than depending on your connection to Source?
  • Exhausted, hungry, and starving, in the land of plenty… wanting to be nurtured, pampered, and replenished?
  • A conscious entrepreneur who is heart-centered,speaking and serving from your heart, longing to make money and serve?

I have a special, delicious, delightful treat for you

Spirit and Riches™ Replenishing Retreat:
A Pampering Experience of Manifesting for superwomen, conscious entrepreneurs who are slightly frustrated, exhausted, hungry, and starving to be nourished, replenished, and pampered.

Can I be 100% honest with you?

(This may make you blush.)

You are a savvy, smart, successful, spiritual (and yes, a sensual) entrepreneur who is a beast at what you do. You transform lives, make a difference, and make money on the planet. You ROCK… from the bedroom to the boardroom. You are finding harmony with your hustle, career, 9-to-5 or your own company, and your family as best you can.

At least that’s what you tell yourself. But just under the surface there’s another reality that is driving you and your business into the ground.

The reality is that INSIDE you never feel totally fulfilled, confident, supported, and understood. You are working HARD, and working hard is just creating more… working hard. And you still don’t have the emotional, spiritual, and financial freedom you long for, desire, and deserve!! What’s worse is that you are teetering on the edge of your wit’s end with it all!! Because you KNOW deep within that you can have more and just don’t see the answers.

There is a missing element to your game plan that you’re not talking about. And the longer you don’t talk about it, the more you ignore it, the more it threatens to dissolve everything you’ve worked so hard to create, because

Truth be Told...

  • You’re tired. Plain and simple, exhausted. You pour and pour into those you serve/family/church/child, stay up late into the early morning crafting copy and speaking topics, and it leaves you with little energy for yourself.
  • Your heart is broken from all the attempts to “get it right” that you hold as your personal missteps, so you don’t trust yourself and keep questioning your value, which makes it hard to go on.
  • The spiritual connection you used to depend on gets less quality attention and seems to offer less of the results, solace, solutions, and guidance that you desperately need.
  • The adrenaline rush of being on your grind to reach your goal, make your money, serve your clients, travel, and go to college, raise the children, and fight off the shame of debt leaves you feeling less centered and connected within.
  • Your relationship with money, and inner energy blocks keeps you struggling, stressed, and sacrificing your value for dollar time.
  • You’re losing sleep and gaining weight, and eating healthy seems like just ONE more thing to add to the list of things to do.
  • You’ve been working hard and it just creates more working hard, and it is robbing you of the worth you thought you had, which makes living in alignment harder every day.

And most heartbreaking of all: the overwhelm, self-doubt, mind chatter, and feeling alone that creeps in makes you want to chuck it all. Which is breaking your heart, because almost nothing means more to you than the difference you yearn to make on the planet.

Looking in the mirror, you struggle with this version of woman you’ve become. And you long for a grander, more confident and connected version of the woman you know you can be.

Today, 3:00 PM PST

Dear Wealthy One,

Let me tell you… I get it... way more than you know. Really, I totally understand. As an entrepreneur with a business I’m passionate about, a family I love, and clients who I want to serve, I KNOW exactly what it feels like to be running on adrenaline, reaching for your goal, serving your tribe, speaking, guiding, writing landing pages on my grind, giving, going, and creating results… thinking I had to make it happen, comparing myself to others, spiraling, and stuck, feeling disconnected and exhausted. AND I would still be doing that if, one day, I hadn’t realized I was depending on my skills to produce instead of Source. Once I included the silent partner in my business and aligned with wealth, I began to manifest clients, breathtaking moments, greater income, and a luxurious life. Which is why I say both from my heart and my years of lived experience: There IS a way to serve and to make money—without stress and struggle. There IS a way to make a massive difference and have massive fulfillment—without the overwhelm. There IS a way to be the powerful woman you are and experience wealth—without living the smaller vision of you. And most importantly… there IS a way to not only survive, but THRIVE! It’s time to start living from who you are rather than what you do.

It’s time to start living from who you are rather than what you do.

  • What would it mean to feel confident enough to charge for the value you bring to your clients rather than charging what you think “they’ll” pay?
  • What would it mean to stay on your center in your power, knowing it will allow you to make the highest and strongest decisions for your business and life?
  • What would it mean to dive into wealth-building strategies for greater clarity and results like never before?
  • What would it mean to have the courage and conviction to trust your gut and intuitive guidance for solid answers and solutions?
  • What would it mean to know that your Creator has your back and that your life and decisions are supported by the Universe?
  • How would it feel to know how to access sacred principles as tools to generate results, peace of mind, stamina, and creativity for success?
  • How would it feel to have financial security that allows you to live life without stress, struggle, lack, or worry?
  • How would it feel to know how to align your mind, body, and soul with your goals and vision to attract clients and results?
  • What would it mean to experience heart healing as a way to experience MORE: money, clients, and happiness?

The key is to create the time to honor yourself and your spirit. To take a deep dive into luxury and come up replenished, pampered, and beginning to manifest your breathtaking life and business. To immerse yourself in … not only unimaginable luxury, but also a community of successful, savvy, smart and spirit-led superwomen just like you.

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"Replenish" Access

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"Replenish" Access—
Payment Plan

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Spend 3 days in wealth manifesting, heart healing, and business evolution for greater fulfillment and joy at my private estate with a select group of women. Replenish in Luxurious Pampering.


Join me for the

Spirit and Riches™ Replenishing Retreat:
Manifesting YOUR Sacred Wealth
A Pampering Experience of Manifesting with an intimate group of superwomen ready to take their capes off.
This 3-day luxurious, luscious, delectable experience of indulging in superior pampering while you deep dive into wealth and manifesting is delivered at my personal estate in the city of the famous Rose Parade, Pasadena, California, with its sun-drenched, palm tree-lined streets, with spectacular views of the city, hot tub coaching, scrumptious gourmet meals provided by my personal chef, heart-healing group coaching, laser-focused intuitive sessions, powerful guided meditations, afternoon swimming, energetic shifts, fireside chats, and let’s not forget the sexy fitness.

It is impossible not to feel replenished and pampered in an environment where the goal is nothing short of catering, supporting, nourishing, and nurturing your spirit.

Take this walk with me. Simply imagine…

  • A sacred place where you can be with like-minded women and pull back the curtain on all your madness and your magic. Without judgment. Surrounded by women who know and understand exactly what you’re going through!
  • Relaxing deeply by the pool, catching your breath and connecting to your feminine power and Goddess energy.
  • Immersing yourself deeply within your spiritual center through sacred rituals and ceremonies, designed to awaken and deepen your sense of oneness to your Source and remove inner blocks.
  • Diving into a possibility-focused interaction where the potential to reframe your inner struggle can be released.
  • Experiencing days where the focus is on just you, who you are, and who you “be” rather than what you do.
  • Uninterrupted time where you are pampered, attended to, nurtured, seen, heard, and truly supported.
  • In-room massage offering you a divine spa treatment for complete relaxation and release. (PIF)
  • Enjoying a custom signature dinner prepared by my chef of your favorite dishes, served with incomparable elegance. (VIP)
  • Receiving and experiencing your personally customized Intuitive Action Plan and Prosperity Prayer.
So you finally understand that you matter, put yourself first
and buy your ticket to the vision you lost sight of along the way helping others live their dream while you run on empty.
This is the place where you will be surrounded with other women who know the demands of being a sought-after speaker, expert, entrepreneur, businesswoman, taxi driver, and CEO, dream chaser, and life transformer with a global reach.

This one-of-a-kind experience is specifically designed for:

  • The Adventurer who feels compelled from within to make a difference and impact in the world and is no longer willing to struggle and stress.
  • The Practitioner who is working dollar for hours, barely reaching her goal, but is now ready to manifest her value.
  • The Giver whose knee-jerk reaction compels her to give and give until her cup is empty—it’s time to fill your cup.
  • The Workaholic who is working hard and making it happen 24/7, who is ready to be connected on a deeper level to make money effortlessly.
Where do you go to replenish with like-minded women?
Who do you talk to when you’re tired?
Who can you turn to when no one understands the “buck-stops-here” minute-to-minute reality of your business?

And where can you go to surround yourself with women who know the demands of being a sought-after speaker, entrepreneur (sometimes the first in your family), dream chaser, sole provider, and life transformer with a global reach?

This one-of-a-kind, divine, delectable event is designed to do three things:

1. Replenish Give you the most desirable, luscious, PERFECT environment to refill your spirit and heart.

2. Manifest Give you access to the process of manifesting your goals, sacred wealth, breathtaking life, and business success.

3. Experience a Breathtaking Lifestyle Let you EXPERIENCE what it feels like to BE in the manifested sacred wealth of a superwoman by immersing you in my private estate with a personal chef, luxury cars, spectacular views of the city, and VIP toasts with me in my home.

FINALLY! This event has your name written ALL over it.
Spirit and Riches™ Replenishing Retreat:
Manifesting Your Sacred Wealth
For superwomen who are exhausted, thirsty, and starving to be nourished, pampered, and replenished.
Because here is the TRUTH that I know in my sacred soul:
You are amazing, and your brilliance is necessary on the planet … in your home, in your business, career, and life. Your service and transformational calling fills your mind and stirs your heart with ideas and strategies of how to serve your tribe better and generate greater revenue. It’s a powerful, creative, and dynamic energy that propels and drives you to want to impact lives with your gift.
AND… unless you take the time to serve yourself … renew yourself and acknowledge yourself… all you hold dear will hover frustratingly outside your reach.

I KNOW it doesn’t seem possible, but it can be easy and effortless to attract wealth, fulfillment, and peace of mind, when you are willing to
HONOR you first.

I lived too many years of my life thinking that I had to DO everything. Until one day, I ran out of gas. You may think I was in my Lexus or Mercedes, but I was in the middle of my life. I was at the corner of Victimhood Street and Not Enough Blvd. I had to take care of my family and my staff (when I had a career). I told myself that everyone needed me. I even started “doing” in my business for the first year on my grind. I was the rescue. I had enough for you and for me—even though I was living and giving from a half-empty or empty cup, tired, lonely, frustrated, with dismal results.

That was until I ran out of gas. On that day, I realized that I had to be my own rescue. I had to rescue me. On that night, sitting on the floor with tears streaming down my face, I prayed for guidance in how to rescue me. The answer came in learning to honor the value of my being… a woman and a spiritual being… because no one could do for me what I couldn’t do for myself.

That began the journey of getting to my happy and learning to say yes to immerse myself, fill my cup, and ONLY give from my overflow… to know I mattered. To let my No be stronger than my yes, and to know that in saying NO I wasn’t being selfish.

And I want you to know from my heart and soul to yours… If I can, you can.

Because whether you are a high-achieving, motivated, super-successful spiritually aware business owner, sought-after speaker, entrepreneurs’ coach, or a six- or seven-figure earner (all those titles we work so hard for and sacrifice for), you are a woman and a spiritual being FIRST.

And the one key you’ve forgotten or pushed aside on your journey is: If you don’t feed your womanhood and your spirituality ... everything else falls by the wayside.

Which is why I am so thrilled to offer this powerful experience to you!

I’ve assembled an amazing ensemble of relaxation and rejuvenation that delivers everything you need to let the stress and struggle, chaos and confusion melt away. Reconnect to your energy and power with that sense of possibility that dwells within. You know what you felt when you started on this path. Access the joy you had before all the crazy work, being on your grind, revenue, and results took over.

At this event I will personally be your guide to access your sacred wealth, begin to manifest your breathtaking life and business, all while replenishing your heart and spirit.


Imagine what it would be like … FEEL like:

To get off the treadmill, unplug… plunge back into your spirit!!

To turn off the phones, text messages, emails and demands, and take yourself TOTALLY off the grid… and connect to your source.

To experience a deep sigh of relief and release from the very moment you walk into the retreat because you are enveloped in an atmosphere and fragrance of serenity and peace.

And to be surrounded not only with a community of women who “get” you. Who understand you. Who have been where you’ve been….

…But by every luxury imaginable that makes it so simple to reconnect with the woman you have always wanted to be!

Trust me when I say that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will still be there when you return from this retreat. But you, however… will never be the same!!

Yes, this is the turning point you’ve been searching for. The sign you asked for… even prayed for. I’ve been there.

It’s more familiar to figure out how to help them (the family members, children, clients). And not as familiar to put yourself first and take that same energy and figure out how to be there for yourself.

They’ve told you for so long how much they need you. And you believe it and even like taking care of them… but many times, late at night right before you fall asleep…
when you have your own private thoughts, you long for, yearn for, a space that’s just for you. A space unencumbered with demands, conversations, requests, deadlines, and even pleasant questions.

A space where you get to be with you for longer than a long bath and more private than a family vacation.
… A space for you.
This is the gift you’ve been looking to give yourself (that you owe yourself). This is the self-love, self-honor, and self-affirmation that reconnects you with your Source, success, and soul.

No more making excuses to not take the time for yourself. No more reason not to give yourself this gift. Because that would be a commitment to…
… stay numb, on empty, heartbroken, allowing the struggle to impact your money and alignment.
…That would be finding another event, client, family member, child, or organization or speaking opportunity that “needs you.” So you can give even more of yourself away.
So that you can ignore your deepest desire…
I invite you to take a moment and really get present to what it will feel like to be replenished, pampered. Vibrant, free, fulfilled. Being a powerful decision maker. Serving from your overflow. Having a successful business and a rich life.
Manifesting your wealth.

For the first 7 people who pay in full, I have created

something you will love!

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that you will never get again. This pre-day bonus is such a wonderful way to experience and get acclimated to what manifesting your life can look and feel like. I want you to truly dive in, immerse yourself in the energy and feeling, so you know what wealth-consciousness tastes, smells, and looks like. Every time I take a dive, being on a private flight with a client or my own first-class travel, my energy changes. My ideas expand. When it’s all said and done, I cannot go back to where I was. Here’s what I know—it takes action and being willing to be in circles of influence. Here is your chance to do exactly that with me as your guide.

PAID IN FULL VIP Bonus Day (August 18th or September 15th)

  • Black car Limo transportation moving you effortlessly through the city
  • Pouring Into You Intuitive Session with two Rev. Jenenne
  • Powerful Exclusive Manifesting Session with Rev. Jenenne
  • Luxury designer gifts & surprises
  • Gourmet lunch & dinner prepared by my Personal Chef
  • In-Room Personal Massage
The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. ~ Oprah

But Rev. Jenenne, what if...

… I don’t have the money?

I know. Part of why we’re focusing on manifesting YOUR wealth is so that “I don’t have the money” does not roll off your lips again. I was thinking of you, though, when I created two different points of access, with each of them having a multiple-payment option. Too often we will put money “on” us (clothes, shoes, purse) to cover up our feelings instead of “in” us. This is an opportunity for you to make a decision to put money “in” you, where you learn the value of who you are instead of what you do, and it will change the trajectory of your future.

….I’m scared to invest in myself?

I understand. I was too. But at that point I was more afraid of what my life would be like if I didn’t bet on me. If you’re like me, you’ve tried to do it alone, you’ve tried to listen to all the free information, and you still haven’t gotten results. Why not take a chance on you?

The worst that could happen is that you shift, release inner blocks, and start to value who you are. You’re only scared because you have not been supported for betting on you.

….I don't have the time?

I invite you to take a BOLD stand and make the time for yourself. Start today and make the time for YOU. There is no event offering you this in-depth replenishing, pampering, and manifesting wealth principles. Listen, move mountains and call in all your favors for your financial and emotional freedom.

….I have never been away from my children?

I understand. I remember my first time away from my son. In all honesty, he was fine. I, on the other hand, had to deal with my sense of value and what it meant to be a “good” mom. The event I attended helped me realize that investing “in” me would make me better, and that would be good for him as well. I know it will be good for yours and you too.

….I have a business/work?

Great!! Imagine the quantum-leap in your performance and manifesting by adding the value you bring to the mix. When you gain laser-sharp clarity about your worth, it will reflect in your business, with your tribe, and in your productivity. You may even be able to write it off as CEUs (continuing education units).

The bottom line is that when you bet on you, when you put your money IN you instead of wearing it on you, that action alone has the power to change the trajectory of your life, business, and future.

You in essence are saying, “I’m not ignoring my value anymore by putting everyone else and everything else first. And I am willing to learn what I need to learn to manifest my wealth, live a fulfilling life, and create a successful business… no matter what.”

That’s transformation from being a victim, thinking life is happening to you… to becoming the author of your life and dreams.

I can’t tell you how great the benefit is for you to get out of your day-to-day living by investing in this experience for your success. Aside from the fact that you will be replenished and pampered, you are going to experience a way of living that will create an internal shift. Just saying yes to YOU by investing in you through this event is going to transform your relationships, how you see yourself, and what you are willing to stand for.

Once you start to stand for you through this luscious experience, you will shift the energy such that you break the prison of limitation. You place yourself at the TOP of your list … simply because you finally KNOW that you deserve to be there.

"Rest" Investment Access

  • Spirit and Riches Concierge
  • Replenishing & Sacred Wealth Group Coaching
  • Manifesting Sessions
  • Manifesting & Energy Guided Meditations
  • Personal Chef – designed meals
  • Spirit and Riches Replenishing Retreat Workbook
  • Sexy Fitness
  • Sensual Enlightenment Wisdom Circle
  • Hot Seat Coaching with Rev. Jenenne
  • Hot Tub Spot Coaching
  • In-Room Massage (PIF)

Get-Started-Now Bonuses:

Sacred Wealth and Wellness Sister Circle Audio so that you can get started right away in making the shift for your time to replenish and be pampered. Sprinkled with powerful insights, nuggets of wisdom, and action steps featuring leading women entrepreneurs/business owners: Lisa Nichols, Christine Kloser, Lethia Owens, Zenovia Andrews, Vikki Johnson, Cheryl Wood, and Dr. Venus Opal Reese.

Living Richly: Sacred Practices for Seven-Figure Success

You’ll invest $1597 (PIF) for this Premium Experience or
Select a 4-pay of $615 billed in 21 day-cycles after your
initial $500 deposit.
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(4-pay option available for a limited time only)

"Replenish" Investment Access

EXCLUSIVE! Pampered. Nourished, and Direct Access to Rev. Jenenne

  • Hotel Greeter/Spirit and Riches Concierge
  • Replenishing and Sacred Wealth Group-coaching sessions
  • Manifesting Mastermind Sessions
  • Manifesting Your Wealth Guided Energy meditation
  • Personal Chef-designed Gourmet meal
  • Spirit and Riches™ Replenishing Retreat Workbook
  • Exclusive evening “Pour Into You” Session with Rev. Jenenne
  • (PIF) In-room massage
  • Luxury gifts & surprises
  • Exclusive coaching with Rev. Jenenne

Get-Started-Now Bonuses:

Sacred Wealth and Wellness Sister Circle Audio so that you can get started right away in making the shift for your time to replenish and be pampered. Sprinkled with powerful insights, nuggets of wisdom, and action steps from such leading thought leaders as Lisa Nichols of Motivating the Masses; Christine Kloser, Transformational Author; Lethia Owens, Millionaire Marketing; Zenovia Andrews of Max Out; Vikki Johnson of BET, and more.

Living Richly: Sacred Practices and Principles for Seven-Figure Success

Delightful VIP surprises!

You’ll invest $2597 (PIF) for the Ultra Luxurious Experience or select a 3-pay of $1110 billed in 21 day-cycle after your initial $500 deposit
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(3-pay option available for a limited time only)

Are you beginning to see why the Spirit and Riches Replenishing Retreat: Manifest Your Sacred Wealth, is your ticket to the grander vision of you … that you lost along the way?

- YOU Deserve This! -

Let’s recap this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When you invest in YOU with the level of access you desire to have with the

Spirit and Riches™ Replenishing Retreat:
Manifesting YOUR Sacred Wealth,
A Pampering Experience,

You will receive the following amazing experiential package:

  • One Spirit and Riches™ Replenishing Retreat: Manifesting YOUR Sacred Wealth, A Pampering Experience ticket. Your passport to experience a luxurious, luscious, and life-changing experience you’ll never forget.
  • Spirit and Riches Personal Hotel Greeter/Concierge to get you settled in your room
  • Access to laser-focused Replenishing and Sacred Wealth Group-coaching sessions
  • VIP experience with a luxurious intimate afternoon lunch dining with Rev. Jenenne (Replenish)
  • Manifesting Your Wealth Guided energy meditation
  • One luxurious (PIF) in-room massage
  • Spirit and Riches™ Replenishing Retreat Workbook
  • Hot Tub Spot Coaching
  • Exclusive VIP/PIF evening “Pour Into You” Session (Replenish)
  • Personal Chef-designed scrumptious Gourmet meal
  • Delightful VIP/PIF Surprises of pampering and rich fun experiences
  • The value of this entire package is from $11,597 to $19,997 (depending on what level of access you desire).
  • Elegant VIP dinner
If you add the Get-Started-Now Bonuses (which are worth another $997), that value leaps to between $12,597 and $21,997.

Reserve Your Space


  • Spirit and Riches Hotel greeter/Concierge
  • Replenishing and Sacred Wealth Group-coaching sessions
  • Manifesting Mastermind Sessions
  • Manifesting Your Wealth Guided Energy meditation
  • Personal Chef-designed Gourmet meal
  • Spirit and Riches™ Replenishing Retreat Workbook
  • Transportation from Westin Hotel to Retreat Site
  • Hot Tub Spot Coaching
  • (PIF) In-room massage
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(4-pay option available for a limited time only)

"Replenish" Access

  • Hotel Greeter/Spirit and Riches Concierge
  • Replenishing and Sacred Wealth Group-coaching sessions
  • Manifesting Mastermind Sessions
  • Manifesting Your Wealth Guided Energy meditation
  • Personal Chef-designed Gourmet meal
  • Spirit and Riches™ Replenishing Retreat Workbook
  • Exclusive evening “Pour Into You” Session with Rev. Jenenne
  • (PIF) In-room massage
replenish button

(3-pay option available for a limited time only)

The key is to allow yourself to be pampered. To Replenish. To surround yourself with not only almost unimaginable luxury …but with a community of heart-centered women just like you.
I am committed to you walking away with results, tangible solutions, laser-sharp clarity, and next-step answers for your life and your business.

Now is the time for you to say YES to commit to living your most vibrant, fulfilled, wealthy, soul-stirring, heart-rich life as a woman, business owner, and entrepreneur.

And it’s time to BE passionate about finding and having solutions and answers to live this rich life while being charged up and on fire instead of run-down, tired, and exhausted ...

This is what you’ve been waiting for. Praying for. Hoping for. You deserve nothing less than the best. And that is exactly what you will find at this one-of-a-kind retreat!

Simply click your preferred level above to register now.

From my heart to yours,
Rev. Jenenne


To complete your luxurious experience of being replenished and diving into luxury, we have partnered with the fabulous Starwood Westin Resort with a room rate discount of $169 per person specifically for our attendees. Our Spirit and Riches™ Concierge will keep you informed of your pick-up times so that you have enough time to prepare.